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Pastel Practice by MyBrokenRoseUnfold Pastel Practice :iconmybrokenroseunfold:MyBrokenRoseUnfold 0 0 The cake is a LIE by MyBrokenRoseUnfold The cake is a LIE :iconmybrokenroseunfold:MyBrokenRoseUnfold 1 0
I buried my dad last month.
I knew it was coming. I'm not stupid. I've known it was coming for ages. Nobody who's in that bad a way can last very long.
I still hoped, though.
I kind of wanted another year. I know that's selfish, I do--my dad was suffering so much, you know? He couldn't even talk anymore. He couldn't be himself.
But I wasn't ready to say goodbye.
I just wanted more time to hug him and love on him. I never go to do that enough. We were always  running around, trying to make sure the next thing got done and everything was in the right place, and his awake times kept getting shorter and shorter...
Is it weird if I wanted to change his diaper one more time?
I guess I don't care, when it comes down to it. Doing something that "base" for someone is an incredible act of love, regardless of its necessity.
He said goodbye to me, you know. I was sort of going in little circles in the hospital hallway when I felt him wander by. I ran back to the spot where I felt him and said some
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Not Nice
So if your life is so very nice, why would I never trade my nasty one for yours?
I want to keep my life,
because I would rather be hopeless,
be brought to my knees,
than go back to mundanity.
It is not for me.
Go live in your happy little house in suburbia,
and never learn who you could have been.
Never long for the way you should be
because you do not know how much better pain can be than contentment.
That’s fine, I suppose.
But you really don’t know what you’re missing.
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10 Signs Your Life Has Entered the Crapper
10 Signs Your Life Has Entered the Crapper
1. You are changing your father's diapers. He is not yet 60.
2. Your mother is your best friend not because she is awesome (she is) and you get along so well (we don't), but because she is the only person you really see even on a semi-regular basis.
3. Your dog is your personal trainer and your therapist--your only therapist. You can't afford a real one, even though you need one desperately.
4. Your main source of income will dwindle to naught in the next couple of weeks, and will stay that way for three months.
5. Finding unmolded goat cheese in the snack drawer is the highlight of your day.
6. The only dress pants you can find that fit are too tight in the knees (and only the knees) and show your pantyline.
7. You got kicked out of your grief group because some "higher ups" got wind of you being in the group and decided that you weren't grieving yet because the person you're grieving technically hasn't died yet.
8. You've finally saved up en
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Shout It Out Project by MyBrokenRoseUnfold Shout It Out Project :iconmybrokenroseunfold:MyBrokenRoseUnfold 3 0 Catgirl crayon sketch by MyBrokenRoseUnfold Catgirl crayon sketch :iconmybrokenroseunfold:MyBrokenRoseUnfold 0 0 T3h P0wr uv Luv n Just1ce Un-L4m3d by MyBrokenRoseUnfold T3h P0wr uv Luv n Just1ce Un-L4m3d :iconmybrokenroseunfold:MyBrokenRoseUnfold 1 0 Yeah, that's a hedgehog magical girl. by MyBrokenRoseUnfold Yeah, that's a hedgehog magical girl. :iconmybrokenroseunfold:MyBrokenRoseUnfold 0 0 Completely Random Still Life: I Need to Leave by MyBrokenRoseUnfold Completely Random Still Life: I Need to Leave :iconmybrokenroseunfold:MyBrokenRoseUnfold 0 0 Random Landscape 1 by MyBrokenRoseUnfold Random Landscape 1 :iconmybrokenroseunfold:MyBrokenRoseUnfold 0 0 One line still life--Breath by MyBrokenRoseUnfold One line still life--Breath :iconmybrokenroseunfold:MyBrokenRoseUnfold 1 0 Ultra Lady Sketch by MyBrokenRoseUnfold Ultra Lady Sketch :iconmybrokenroseunfold:MyBrokenRoseUnfold 0 0
Rant: Fanatics
Alrighty. I saw a cartoon by Tom Preston (lovely artist here on dA, does "So You're A Cartoonist" and others, seems like a nice guy) and needed to get this off my chest. I'm so very, very tired of fanatical yahoos. The more I look around, the more I see them. It gets on my nerves when someone expresses an opinion, a belief, or a theory and it gets bashed into the ground without the person doing the bashing stopping long enough to consider it seriously. It happens ALL THE TIME. It doesn't matter whether we're talking differences in how you think traditional-style comics should be done or how a particular species evolved or if evolution is actually scientifically legit. There's always some jerk or somebody who's so scared by this different idea that they don't stop and consider it, or the person who posited this new idea in the first place.
It's particularly nasty in the politics and religion areas, but since I dabble more in religious debates than politics right now, I'm a bit more awar
:iconmybrokenroseunfold:MyBrokenRoseUnfold 0 1
Hell and a half—screw you, "life"
I will not be beaten down by you and your tricks
I have been through fire before
You offer me nothing real to fear
The pain is still raw and obvious
And I will not be okay tomorrow
But I have seen your darkest sides before
And your claws have lost their sting
My God is bigger than you
And I stand with Him in your pits and shadows
The light is not so much seen as known
And reality is different from before
My doubts still hit the surface
And bounce and wreck my tiny ship
But I only have to stop struggling to float
And the waves don't pull me under
Love still resonates
Even when hope and faith have been choked to death
Silence drowns out the seething pain
And I hear the whispers in the dark
:iconmybrokenroseunfold:MyBrokenRoseUnfold 2 4
I think I'm starting to hate that word. I've been called that so many times, and by people who should know better, no less. You don't know what lazy is if you're looking at me, so let me define it for you:
Lazy, adj.- 1. a descriptor used for buttholes who don't give a crap about the people around them, sit on their sorry patoots all day, and make other people do the work they could well be doing themselves 2. used to talk about moments when you should be doing something, but don't feel like it, so you just don't even though you can make yourself quite easily
I admit to having lazy moments. I'm having right now, actually. I should go get the vacuum cleaner and get that weird stuff up off of my floor, but I don't want to, so I'm not.
Now that I'm looking at it, though, I'll probably go get the vacuum before I'm done writing this. Kinda gross, actually. Ew.
No, I'm not an overly lazy person. I do have my moments, like I said, but I'm actually pretty gung-ho about doing things that
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I think I might possbly need a brain checkup. Although it is only two months (less than, actually) after my dad died, I am happier than I've been in a really freaking long time. I'm at first-year-of-college levels of not-suck. I'm seriously considering going back to school, have three webcomics in the planning stages, and feel like things are headed in the right direction for once in my life. I'm not even worried about Mom maybe having to sell our house to move for her new job (she thinks the job's an if, I think it's a when).

'Course, knowing she'll let me come with if I want and that I have no end of relatives that won't mind if I crash with them for a couple of months while settle in to whatever school and/or job I find (most of whom would be more than happy to pay my travel expenses so I can come live with them). Since said relatives live literally coast to coast (and some even on the other side of the Pond), I'm not overly worried about much of anything. And that's not counting the friends and former professors who'd be happy to finagle me an interview or a couple of references.

I dunno what I was freaking out about earlier this week.

I wonder if anybody know a good dentist? I should get a whitening treatment and get rid of these wisdom teeth while I have the time to do it...
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Just call me Rosie.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Name's Rosie, at least here. I'm Christian, I'm from the States, and I draw a lot. You may not see a lot of those drawings, though. I write whatever's on my mind at the moment, and trust me, there's ALWAYS something on my mind.

Supposedly I'm a halfway decent person. I'm not so sure, but I like people and hate, literally hate, seeing anyone I care about get hurt. Sometimes I have issues with crooks getting hurt, but that's neither here nor there, I think. I'll blame my psychology background for that one. Despite my love for people, I'm a bit of a recluse. Not like a hermit or anything, I just need lots of time alone. An introvert.

I can be extremely lazy at times, but that's when I don't care about what I'm doing. If I don't see the point, I don't see why I should do it. It's just how I am. I'm working on doing things I don't want to, though, because there are some days you just have to.

I can get pretty angsty, too, but I've also been told I have a wicked sense of humor. I'm a natural optimist who likes to make people laugh dealing with what looks to be dysthymic disorder (a.k.a. dysthymia), a longer-term but much less disabling form of unipolar depression.

On the up side, I've learned a lot about finding beauty in broken things, and the dysthymia keeps my head out of the clouds, so I focus on what needs done here.

Feel free to engage me in a talk about religion, philosophy, psychology, or any science you please--my logical side needs to stretch once in a while, and I like civil debates. Don't talk to me about politics, though, because I really don't know what I'm doing in that arena and have nothing of value to offer.

I can speak a little bit of French and a little bit of German, have started learning Japanese, and know enough random Mexican Spanish words and phrases to make me want to learn. I might eventually try writing something in one of those languages, so please be nice if you see them on here. They will NOT be up to par with what I normally write.



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